This website provides information about unsecured Promissory Notes that YellowBird Services offers to residents of, or entities based in, New Mexico.

Do you certify that you are a resident of New Mexico or representing an entity based in New Mexico?

Why only residents of New Mexico may invest in promissory notes from YellowBird Services?

This limitation is essential for allowing YellowBird Services’s debt offering to qualify for the exemption from federal securities laws that makes the offering permissible without registering it with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy promissory notes. That offer may only be made via the offering memorandum, which is available on this website only to visitors who certify to being a New Mexico resident or a representative of a New Mexico entity (as that term is defined in the offering memorandum). The promissory notes are offered, via the offering memorandum, pursuant to an exemption from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New Mexico Securities Division. Neither the Commission nor the Securities Division pass upon the merits of any securities, nor does either pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering circular or other selling literature. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.